Karyn Chapman
Tara Gilbertson (Chapman)

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"That deep-breathing exercise you gave me seems to have had the desired effect. I gave up singing in a choir years ago, as I used to get a sore throat and couldn't project properly. [I recently joined a new choir, and] I seemed to be singing quite freely, and no sore throat!

The damaged thigh muscle still gives me pain, but nowhere near as bad as before, and I've had several days entirely free from pain (for the first time in about five years), and even while going faster than ever on my daily walks around the lake."

-Allen Brown, Forest Lake, Qld, 23 April 2003



"I periodically suffered acute pain and lack of mobility in my lower back after a serious car accident some years earlier, although I had tried several methods of healing. It is no exaggeration to say that I was astounded at the results of her training, within a period of a few months."

-Sandra Groom, Life Coach and Trainer, Gordon, NSW, 16 May 2002



"I had gone to Alexander classes many years before I met Karyn and somehow I couldn't seem to turn the theories into real results, so I gave up. It seems to me to be Karyn and Tara's unique blend of Alexander principles with Yoga that is so accessible for students."

-Kate Quayle, Warrawee, NSW, May 2002



"I promise you, this is life-changing stuff that allows you to live your life better and happier. I consider anyone who encounters Karyn and Tara to be incredibly fortunate-they are irreplaceable. I can vouch for that now they have left Sydney!"

-June Hurwitz, Clinical Psychologist, Chatswood, NSW, 26 May 2002



"I was so motivated by Karyn's unique work and her dedication that I undertook my Yoga Teachers Training, which was then followed by my training as an Alexander Technique Teacher. I was one of many to be so inspired by Karyn."

-Beverley Garlick IYTA, AUSTAT, STAT, Double Bay, NSW, 28 May 2002



"From early youth I carried a sporting (boxing) injury to a cervical disc which gave me a painful and stiff neck ... Medical practitioners had prescribed either extreme traction or anti-inflammatory drugs. Neither had lasting effect ... I commenced lessons with Karyn in October 1991. The result was a miracle. My neck problem has been completely controlled and all-over mobility improved vastly. And with no drugs or dangerous manipulations!"

- Frank Hanson, Strathfield NSW, 30 May 2002



"The relaxation techniques have really kept me supple and are a delight to do with very gentle stretching and particularly the semi-supine exercise."

-Peggy Hanson, Strathfield NSW, 30 May 2002



"I was delighted to discover how safe yoga is when the principles of the Alexander Technique are applied ..."

- Mary Durkin, Chatswood NSW, 27 May 2002



"I always felt confident about Tara teaching at my studio; I know the students were literally "in good hands"

-Mary Durkin, Chatswood NSW, 27 May 2002



"... a broken back and then a ruptured disk, which required a diskectomy operation. ... Within months of starting my yoga and Alexander lessons, I fell pregnant, even though this was not advised by my neurosurgeon. I had a completely normal pregnancy and delivery, which amazed all the doctors. I never once during my pregnancy suffered from back pain."

-Lisa McArthur-Edwards, Wendoree Park, NSW, 1 June 2002



"As a specialist in the dental profession, I am constantly having to bend my neck and position myself in difficult and awkward postures on a daily basis, and accordingly, I have found that practice of the Alexander Technique as taught to me by Karyn has been enormously beneficial."

- Dr Maurice Hurwitz, Orthodontist, Chatswood NSW, 31 May 2002