Yoga and the Alexander Technique
A valuable contribution to the literature on human movement, Yoga & self-help.
Karyn Chapman
Tara Gilbertson (Chapman)

Karyn Chapman-qualified teacher

  • Alexander Technique (member of STAT [Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique], London, since 1982; and AUSTAT [Australian Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique] since 1985)

  • Yoga (member of FRYOG (Friends of Yoga), London, since 1977; member of IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association), Sydney, since 1979; trained at London Iyengar Institute, 1985)

Karyn Chapman has spent her whole life involved in body movement-classical ballet from the age of five and as a student of yoga from her early teens. At 20, back problems forced her to stop her yoga and dance, and surgery was recommended to correct the problem.

Karyn moved to London and was introduced to the Alexander Technique (AT) by a man who was trained both as a teacher of the AT as well as of yoga. This was a turning point and made her realise that her back problems were mostly caused by what she had been doing. She also realised she could still continue with her yoga if the principles she had learnt from the AT were applied.

Karyn then went on to complete three yoga teacher-training courses with FRYOG (Friends of Yoga) in London, 1977; IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) in Sydney, 1979; and the London Iyengar Institute in 1985.

She started her three years of training to become an AT teacher in 1982 in London. Back in Sydney in 1985 she worked at the ATA (Alexander Teaching Associates) Teacher Training School. She continued working at training schools for a further eight years.

Karyn pioneered the combination of yoga and the AT in Australia. During her 16 years of teaching in Sydney, her time was spent between yoga classes and private AT lessons. She holds regular workshops and residentials throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Karyn and Tara started The Back School in Brisbane in 2002