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A valuable contribution to the literature on human movement, Yoga & self-help.
Karyn Chapman
Tara Gilbertson (Chapman)
Dr David Garlick
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Welcome to your new, pain-free way of life with the Alexander Technique!

Whether you suffer from minor niggles or you've endured actual pain and stiffness for many years, in one way or another, your enjoyment of the good things of life has been spoilt.

By visiting our site, you've taken the first step towards releasing the pain from your life-congratulations!

Whatever your age, poise and flexibility really ARE within your reach!
Explore our site and you will gain an understanding of how your situation came about. You will discover that YOU can learn how to fix yourself!

How? By becoming aware of the way you "use" your body in your everyday life, and by being gently guided to a new awareness of what were once instinctive good habits of body movement.

You've probably spent a lot of time and money in getting your problem "fixed"-only to have it come back again and again.

Understandably, you feel a little doubtful. You remember how hopeful you were the last time you sought help ... only to be disappointed yet again. Can things be any different with Alexander Technique?

Of course they can, and you'll see why as you explore:
Find out whether Alexander Technique can help you, how it works, who invented it, and what lessons are like.

Karyn Chapman pioneered the combination of Alexander Technique and yoga in Australia. You'll find out why, and you'll see full details of yoga classes.

Karyn and Tara Chapman have some pretty impressive training and experience. These women have made a difference to many people's lives in Sydney, where they lived until moving to Brisbane in May 2002. Many of these grateful people have described in detail just what the difference is.

Dr David Garlick, Director of Sports Medicine Programs at the University of New South Wales' Sports Medicine Courses and School of Physiology and Pharmacology, has written an open letter to doctors about the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

If you're a teacher of Alexander Technique and/or yoga wishing to update your skills, you'll find details of the next residential course.

Perhaps you'd like to pick up some useful, easy tips for keeping healthy and flexible.