Yoga and the Alexander Technique
A valuable contribution to the literature on human movement, Yoga & self-help.
Yoga classes in small groups
Yoga timetable for small groups
Yoga enhanced by the Alexander Technique

Yoga-small classes

Yoga is an intelligent way to relieve the pain and stress caused by everyday "misuse" of your body.

Small classes essential for hands-on instruction
Teachers who wish to work with the combination of yoga and the Alexander Technique need to give up the idea of large classes. This way, each pupil receives as much "hands-on" instruction as possible.

Most yoga teachers think that, provided they give the "right" instructions, their pupils will automatically apply them. They don't realise that both teacher and pupils have faulty sensory awareness.

Faulty perception
This is particularly so in a large class. Every time the yoga teacher asks the class to "do" something, the pupil will interpret the instructions according to their habitual, faulty sensory perception, they will execute the now-distorted instructions with their habitual misuse, and will then judge the results of their yoga practise through this same faulty sensory perception. This process affects all activity.

Correction near at hand
One of the defining characteristics of the Alexander Technique is the teacher's use of their hands-the result of hundreds of hours of study and refinement-to gently guide the pupil and underscore verbal suggestions.

This is why The Back School limits its yoga classes so that there is a ratio of 7:1 

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