The Alexander Technique
What is it? What makes it necessary?
Whom can it help?
What are lesons like?
Who was Alexander?

What are lessons like?

Alexander Technique lessons are one-on-one
When you decide to come along to The Back School to learn the Alexander Technique, you won't be just one of the crowd. This isn't an aerobics class!

Here at The Back School, you'll find that you have your teacher's undivided attention and expertise for the entire length of your class. Neither technology nor people will interrupt your appointment, and your teacher will guide you on your exciting new journey to a life without pain and stiffness.

Recognising the bad habits
The way you "use" yourself in your everyday activities and behaviour is the habitual pattern you have.

Because you have never stopped to consider how you do things, these habits have become unconscious responses. You may discover, if you stopped and looked, that some of these habitual responses are actually damaging to you and your health and well-being.

You pay for such interference with poor posture and a wealth of seemingly inexplicable ailments like recurrent headaches, low back pains, breathing difficulties, painful joints and digestive troubles.

Are you thinking ...

"Yes! That's me!"
When you go to your first one-on-one Alexander Technique session, your lifestyle and body-type will be assessed by Karyn or Tara. This is because every body is different, just as every lifestyle is different. Such individual differences require an individual response. You'll find out immediately whether you will benefit from the Alexander Technique. (And you may also be surprised to find out exercises are unsuitable for your body-type.)

In each lesson, to which you'll wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, your teacher will gradually bring your habitual patterns of use to your awareness.

Explanation plus touch
At The Back School, there are two qualified teachers of the Alexander Technique, Karyn and Tara Chapman. Each woman has spent three years in full-time study in a training school governed by international standards.

By means of simple explanations reinforced by gentle touch, your teacher will give you information about alternative and freer patterns of moving. You'll practise these together so you're sure to get them right. No need to fear information overload; progress will be at your pace.

As you learn these new ways of moving, you put them into practice in your daily life so you become unconsciously skilled in your new, good habits of body-use.

Every habit has a starting point. Start your new Alexander habit now! Contact us.